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Dale Whitaker moved to Spokane Washington in 2008 after emigrating from the United Kingdom to the United States. Proudly becoming a citizen in 2015, Dale and his wife, Sabreen, have deeply rooted their lives and small businesses within the community. He runs a small tax practice, and his wife operates a cleaning business.

Whitaker is a Republican running for Secretary of State and is driven by a core belief in the paramount importance of election transparency. He advocates for a voting process that is not only accessible, transparent, safe, and secure but one that also ensures every voter’s confidence in the significance of their vote and the guarantee that their voice will be heard at the ballot box.

Dale believes in the vital role small businesses play in the prosperity of Washington State. He is committed to working to lower the cost of doing business in the state and alleviating financial burdens on small businesses.

His electoral journey is anchored in his unwavering commitment to ensuring election transparency and bolstering small businesses, the cornerstone of Washington’s economy. Dale Whitaker stresses the importance of transparency not only as a fundamental element for maintaining democratic integrity but also to secure the democratic process itself.

Dale is also a proven ethical and transparent leader in the private sector. In 2017, he uncovered that the company he worked for was defrauding its customers of millions of dollars. Subsequently, he filed whistleblower complaints against the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities and Futures Trade Commission. Additionally he sought legislative action with the help of Cathy McMorris Rodgers office in order to stop these companies from using predatory practices against their customers. The pursuit of legislative action is still ongoing.

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